Welcome to Virtual Learning

What you need to know to start school

Ms. Watson, our new Kindergarten teacher, has a virtual classroom

UPDATE 8/6/20 Click on the teacher’s name at the bottom of this post to directly access their video classes via Zoom.

Quick Details

  • What: The 2020-2021 School Year
  • When: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
  • Where: Virtually
  • Who: All Registered Students in grades PreK - 6th

Only students who are registered can attend virtual classes and complete work.

How do I access the work?

This school year will start virtually for Sanders’ students. For those that can get online, we have a list of links below to access class times and work. For those who can’t, we will have individually made packets available for pick-up starting on Wednesday at 8:00 am*.

Students have a five-hour day that starts earlier for grades PreK - 2nd and later for grades 3rd - 6th. See the table below for links, times, and anything else you might need.

*These packets will be ready on Mondays, starting August 10. The district’s weekly feeding program will also run on Mondays.

Can my student attend classes in person?

Unfortunately, no. Mississippi currently has a 22% positive test rate, the highest in the country, and some experts expect it to have the worst infection rate per capita by the end of the pandemic.

While we strive to keep teachers, students, and families safe, we understand that this makes it harder for parents and students. Our teachers are hurting, too. They miss your children and want desperately to teach them in person.

Please remember that the decision to go virtual, although I, Sam Williams, agree with it, was not made by your child’s teacher. They will do their best over these first nine weeks to educate your child and help them grow.

How will I know who my child’s teacher is?

Teachers are starting to reach out to their students and parents this week via phone. You can also see your child’s teacher via ActiveParent. And if you don’t receive a call or can’t access ActiveParent, feel free to give us a call.

How is attendance calculated?

According to new guidelines published by MDE, students must work every day for four hours. We use a combination of video classes, tutorial sessions, interventions, and independent work, as we would during a typical, in-person school day.

Students who attend virtual sessions and complete their work are present—students who don’t are absent, based on MDE guidelines.

How can I get a Chromebook for my child?

We have currently run out of Chromebooks, but we have ordered some, and they are on their way. Let your child’s teacher know you would like for them to have a Chromebook, and when they come in and are ready, we will let you know.

How can I get a hot spot (wifi device) for my child?

Contact your child’s teacher and let them know you need one. We will work on getting you one.

How are grades calculated?

Students will still receive one major and two minor grades per week in their classes. Students who can’t get online will need to talk to their teacher daily and then turn their work in each week on Mondays.

Links will be updated Tuesday afternoon

ClassTeacherStart TimeEnd TimeClass Link
PreKABranning7:55am1:05pmClass Link
PreKBWilliams7:55am1:05pmClass Link
KAPotts7:55am1:05pmClass Link
KBWatson7:55am1:05pmClass Link
1AMiller7:55am1:05pmClass Link
1BPerry7:55am1:05pmClass Link
2AStewart7:55am1:05pmClass Link
2BMcDougal7:55am1:05pmClass Link
3ALewis11:00am4:05pmClass Link
3BFain11:00am4:05pmClass Link
4ASamuel11:00am4:05pmClass Link
4BThompson11:00am4:05pmClass Link
5AStrahan11:00am4:05pmClass Link
5BCannon11:00am4:05pmClass Link
6ATheunissen11:00am4:05pmClass Link
6BJenkins11:00am4:05pmClass Link
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