New Jersey Author Donates Books to Students

Gwyn English Nielsen, a New Jersey author, former teacher, and mother, was scheduled to come read a book to students at Sanders, but then the Coronavirus hit.

Ms. Nielsen taught English and Communications at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School and has written four books. She is donating three of those books to Sanders Elementary students.

Torey the Turkey Goes Skiing, a children’s book about love and looking after one another, will be given to every student who was in Ms. Miller’s 1st grade class this past school year. Students who were in Ms. McDougal’s 1st period class (4A) will get a copy of Serendipity and the Dream Catcher, a novella about confronting your fears. Each of these books was signed by the author.

In addition, Ms. Nielsen has also donated copies of her most recent book, From Footlights to Flashlights, a collection of ten morality plays, to both the Sanders and Simmons’ libraries.

The books will be available for pickup by parents at registration starting Monday, July 6. They are signed to individual students by name, so please pick up the correct one.

Nelson Bighetti
Nelson Bighetti
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